Details :- Ultra Heat Resistant - T3

Description :

Ultra Heat Resistant - T3

We have unique concept and specialization to design, manufacture and cater ‘V - con/Bull flex’ - UHR -350° C U H R Conveyor Belts only for our desirable clients especially in Open Cast Cement Mining Sectors, Handling of Hot Clinkers, Conveying of Hot Crushed Cement Bags, Mfrs of Heavy Steel Structures Rolling & Re-Rolling Mills, Electrotherm Induction plants manufacturing M S Channels, Angels, Beams, Billets & Blooms, Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel & Flat Steel etc. These belts are recommended only for Extra Heavy Duty Conditions for Conveying / Transporting extremely hot materials in sintered form towards furnaces for achieving finished products. These SUHR – 350° C can convey extremely Hot Ash directly from Furnaces. The Carrying Side & Bottom Rubber Covers are made from S B R + EPDM + Viton + Butyl Rubber and High Resistance Chemical Compounds to withstand extreme material temperatures without any hair cracks while belt is in workmanship. These belts totally confirm to IS: 1891 (Part –II) 1993 latest amended.