Description :


Magnetic Separator Belts are used for separation of magnetic and non-magnetic parts from the base product being conveyed in coal handling, cement production, glass & tyre rubber recycling etc.

An electromagnet inside the machine attracts unwanted scrap metal from the material being conveyed; with the help of cleats, the unwanted metal is transported out of the magnetic field and discharged into a collection area.

J. K. Rubber offers a variety of top cover qualities cleat/sidewalls magnetic separator belts: belts with hot-vulcanized rubber cleats, heavy duty rubber belts with stainless steel angle iron cleats/Brass cleats etc.. A various Cleat profile dimensions are available for specific applications.

Features :
  • Preventing damage to expensive production equipments.
  • Improving quality of raw materials and end products.
  • Extract Ferromagnetic and weakly-magnetic metals from product flows.

Application Areas :

Coal Handling, Steel Recycling Plants, Concrete Recycling Plants, Food Processing Plants, Different Manufacturing plants like glass, tyre etc..