Description :

HOT & COLD Vulcanizing

We are fully equipped by means of adequate latest machines, team & experts on hot vulcanizing and cold vulcanizing of conveyor belts & rubber lining of vessels and pipes, rubberisation of rollers & drums, endlessing & repairing of conveyor belts at site.

Hot Cold Joints For Conveyor Belt

J. K. Rubber Works Company is involved in manufacturing of Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Equipment for Fabric/steel cord belts, Idlers, Impact Rollers, Return rollers,Head pulley, Tail pulley, Skirt Board, Cold vulcanizing solution and hot vulcanizing solution, Ez cast for fast repairing of conveyor belts Cold cured polyurethane Elastomer system.

We have qualified engineers and technicians with vast experience in the field of Hot & Cold Vulcanizing of conveyor Belts at our works as well as customers site irrespective of distance and region. We also undertake annual contracts for Conveyor Belts Joining, Pulley - Legging.