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We in consistence technically design, manufacture, export and supply special purpose Corrugated Side Wall elevator rubber bucket beltings only as desired by our buyers requirements. In some conditions, due to the limited space or in case of lifting materials at a large slope, sidewall conveyor belts are always used to avoid material spilling. This system can convey materials vertically and also can work at a large slope from 0° to 90° angle, and allow heavy load of material conveying. Applications: Harbour, Metallurgy, Mining, Electricity, Coal, Foundries, Construction, Cement, Fertilizer, Copper, Pig Iron Ores, Sponge Iron Reserves etc. OEM’s dealing at National & International Levels engaged in Civil Construction Ready Mix Plants, and Road Construction Ready Hot Mix Plants mainly use Side Wall Elevator Rubber Bucket Beltings. Carcass: The Endless Green Carcass of the Base Belt can be of N/N Or E/P Fabric Clients can choose anyone according to their desired requirements. Characteristics: 1. Low running maintenance cost. 2. Large transport capacity and it can avoid spilling of loose material effectively. 3. The belt can facilitates witching from horizontal to inclined conveying and from inclined to horizontal conveying.