Details :- Conveyor Belts M24

Description :

Conveyor Belts M24

We consistently design, manufacture and supply Grade: M24 Conveyor Belts to extremely large clientele base in almost all sectors at National & International Level. Our ‘V - con/Bull flex’ Branded Belts are in great demand for handling of Bulk Materials of normal temperatures up to 70° C. The Carrying Side and Bottom Covers Quality of Grade M24 Conveyor Belts are made from toughened compounds even to resist highly ferrous, abrasive and non-abrasive materials. Our ‘Bull Flex’ Branded belts have found their places in most Mining Reserves of Sponge Iron / Pig Iron, Minerals, Coal, Copper, Aluminium, Paper Industries, Fertilizer Plants, Material Handling Plants, Bagging Plants, Sugar Mills, Copper / Aluminium / Lead / Zinc Extraction Sinter / Smelter Plants., Heavy Jaw Crushers Crushing Boulder Stones etc. These belts are technically designed for Medium/ Heavy Duties for and are confirming to IS: 1891 (Part – I) 1994 Latest.