Description :


We in consistence technically design, manufacture, export Chevron Grade Conveyor Belts. Our Manufactured Chevron Rubber Cleated Conveyor Belts are "Factory Integrally Moulded". This means that an Un-cured Cleat Or Profile was cured itself in the Heavy Hydraulic Press with an Un-cured Virgin Green Belt Carcass, to form a One Piece "Integrally Molded Belt Construction”. We design, manufacture and supply various Conveyor Belt Widths with ‘V’ & ‘C’ Cleat Profiles with Carcass Base in C/C, N/N & E/P Fabrics. Dimension of Rubber Cleats Heights available are 12 mm to 25 mm, with brand names: ‘V- con/Bull flex’ Premium Quality. Chevron Conveyor Belts can be offered in Grades of: ‘M24, H R, S H R, U H R, F R & HYGIENIC {Food & Drugs Association} Approved Grades.


  • Low running maintenance cost.
  • Bulk Material Conveying Capacity even at 45 degrees Angle, Anti-Skid for Loose Conveyed materials, and it can avoid spilling of loose material effectively.
  • The belt can facilitate switching from horizontal to inclined conveying and from inclined to horizontal conveying.
  • It saves a lot space as it allows material conveying at 0 Degree - 90 Degrees.